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Hopefully, I have a small block of quiet time today to talk loudly into my iPad and produce another minimalist English Companion Podcast.

In the meantime, I produced this little postcard. I hear people go one and on about what Bitcoin can do. And Bitcoin can do many things for the moneyed and banked white privileged male. Early adopters of Bitcoin have seen their fortune rise and this creates opportunities for investment and speculation. The suit and tie ratio at this years #Bitcoin2014 is staggering. Long gone are the days of Bitcoin as a community-based and supported project by libertarians and anarch-autistic enthusiasts.

Twenty-fourteen is the year where Wall Street will swoop into Bitcoin and apply their own special flavors of ‘business practices’ to the space. What is interesting though is that this inevitable step cannot ‘break’ Bitcoin per say. It can only, at best, make the price of a bitcoin go up 1,000 fold again or, at worse, continue to make bitcoin annoyingly volatile for us poor saps who extract meager incomes through it.

One dude who gets it is Mark Zuckerberg. He has understood that there is nowhere to go for Facebook but mobile. Because the next billion subscribers to Facebook will only have a smart phone. This is vastly better than my experience of doing a ‘Face Book’ when I first started dabbling in social media. So Facebook moves from a desktop platform to a mobile-focused product that validates identity through federated sign-in. Is Zuck going to beat Bitcoin at serving the other 6 billion?!

People who do or make other things than money, will never use Bitcoin as a vehicle for investment and speculation. I think that we, the other 6 billion, may connect more with what Bitcoin can’t do.

Circonference introduces digital currency, digital math-based assets and the transnational systems of tomorrow (bitcoin 2.0) to French Canada. It is written by me, Marie-Lynn Richard, a crypto-currency newbie who has been working ‘in the cloud’ for almost 25 years. It is only one of many blockchain technology educational projects I am currently working on. Please contribute to so that we may produce more educational content.